Update a single occurrence's meeting title in a recurrence meeting series


I have a recurrence meeting scheduled. I want to update one occurrence meeting’s title to something else. So I am using updateMeeting API call with meeting number and occurrence_id. But meeting title is not changed for that occurrence meeting.

Meeting Updated successfully but meeting title has not changed.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Reuqest URL: https://api.zoom.us/v2/meetings/{meetingId}
Query String: occurrence_id={occurrenceId}

“topic”: “postman-updatedNewSeries”,
“type”: 8,
“start_time”: “2020-06-28T14:25:00Z”,
“duration”: 30,
“timezone”: “UTC”,
“password”: “s7HvRk31”,
“agenda”: “Mpostman-updatedNewSeries”,
“settings”: {
“host_video”: true,
“in_meeting”: false,
“join_before_host”: true,
“mute_upon_entry”: false,
“participant_video”: true,
“registrants_confirmation_email”: true,
“use_pmi”: false,
“waiting_room”: false,
“watermark”: false,
“approval_type”: 2

Hey @Wenbo,

I am not sure if you can change the name for a single meeting occurrence.

Few things you can try:

  1. Try the same request with the following request body:
   "topic": "postman-updatedNewSeries",
   "agenda": "Mpostman-updatedNewSeries"
  1. Try updating the name without passing in the occurrence query param:
   "topic": "postman-updatedNewSeries",
   "agenda": "Mpostman-updatedNewSeries"


Hi @tommy, I was testing the same thing and found that the ‘agenda’ of the individual occurrence can change, but the ‘topic’ will not when trying to make the call that Wenbo specified with the occurrence ID in the query param. I also confirmed that if the occurrence query param is removed, then the ‘topic’ of the whole recurrence series will update.

Looks like this is specified under the Request Parameters > Query Param in the linked Get call, as follows:

Meeting occurrence id. Support change of agenda, start_time, duration, settings: {host_video, participant_video, join_before_host, mute_upon_entry, waiting_room, watermark, auto_recording}

Do you know if the api would ever support change of the ‘topic’ value for an individual occurrence?

Hey @mark.vanr,

Thanks for pointing this out! :slight_smile:

How about you make a feature request and we will look into adding this capability! :slight_smile: #feature-requests


Added the feature request - link to it for anyone wandering through in the future. Cheers!

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Thanks @mark.vanr! :slight_smile: