Allow updating title of single occurrences of meeting series

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Our implementation of creating recurring meetings uses meeting type 8 (recurring meeting with fixed time) which creates a number of recurring meeting ‘instances’ instead of a single meeting. These instances seem to be independent but do not allow updating the title of an individual occurrence. So, for example, if a user chooses to update the title of a single occurrence of the series in a scheduling client (e.g. Outlook), when trying to patch the Zoom meeting title to match it we get a 200 Success but the title is not updated. This results in a meeting title mismatch between the scheduling client and the Zoom meeting, when the meeting is opened or viewed elsewhere.

Describe the solution you’d like
When using the meeting patch endpoint with the occurrence_id query parameter, allow for update of the occurrence title along with the other supported fields (currently supports change of agenda, start_time, duration, settings: {host_video, participant_video, join_before_host, mute_upon_entry, waiting_room, watermark, auto_recording})

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
There don’t seem to be other alternatives to updating a single occurrence title while maintaining the concept of a recurring series, because only the whole series or individual, non-recurring meetings can have their title updated. Breaking the recurrence down into non-related, individual meetings to allow updating the title is not ideal.

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