Update a user's email is not working Via API call

Tried to update the email address using “PUT” /users/{userId}/email Which is not working from API call. As per customer support , there is a bug.

Getting below error
“code”: 1116,
“message”: “Domain name doesn’t match, please contact Zoom customer support to set managed domains for your account”

Any help appreciated !!

Hey @Developer_Ajait_Test
Could you please provide the full request you’re sending (complete with headers/body, but filter out any sensitive data)?

PUT https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/ajxxx.x@gmail.com/email

Token : xxxxxx (access token need be added)

“email”: "xxaxxt_x@yahoo.com"

Hope this would helps !!

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Super, thank you.

I just tried this using identical domains and TLD on the email address, with just a different user that is known to exist.

Seems there is a bug in this API, and I have reported this issue to our engineering team to fix.

Yes #897192 already created for this.

Ah, I will see if I can associate the external issue ID with our internal engineering team’s issue ID.

In the meantime, the workaround would be to edit the user in the Zoom Client/UI.

Thanks !! Do you know how much time this will take to fix ?

Hey @Developer_Ajait_Test
Actually, our engineering team reviewed the bug report, and this is NOT an error, but rather just less-than-optimal error messaging.

The reason you’re receiving this error is because you’re ONLY permitted to change the email for the managed domains on the Zoom account upon which you’re making the change.

Please read the documentation above to better understand why you’re receiving this message, and how to setup the Managed Domains for your Zoom account to permit this operation.