Update registrant's status - http 100 response - how to process?

I am successfully updating registrant’s status (approve & deny) but am struggling to process the API response. As per the spec this is a PUT. The Curl response is empty, but embedded on a line in the Curl debug is HTTP/1.1 100 Continue. There is no pass/fail http response (200 or 400 code), just 100 Continue.

I think this is due to PUT telling me the request is valid and it can handle it. But what I really need is a success or fail response.

I suppose I could subsequently make another API call to list all registrants, find the appropriate record and see if the update processed but that seems cumbersome and inefficient.

How do others deal with this?

Other notes:
Cancel is not working, but not critical for me right now - deny is an alternative.
Why is update registrant a PUT and update meeting a PATCH?



Hi @OregonDean,

Thanks for reaching out about this—on success, a PUT request to the Update registrant’s status endpoint should return a 204. Is it possible to share an example request and response? This will help to take a closer look (Please mask the email/do not include here).


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