Updating Zoom Room/Account settings doesn't work

I’m using zoom api to update/fetch Zoom Rooms and account settings (JWT token auth) https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/zoom-rooms/updatezrsettings

I can get all the settings without any issues, but PATCH requests do not seem to do anything, or I’m doing something wrong - settings aren’t updated and the payload is being returned on PATCH requests as if I used GET.

Endpoint: http://api.zoom.us/v2/rooms/{roomId}/settings?setting_type=meeting
Payload: I’ve tried different formats, just in case:

    "zoom_rooms": {
        "upcoming_meeting_alert": true,
        "show_alert_before_meeting": true,
        "start_airplay_mirroring": true,
        "start_airplay_manually": false,
        "weekly_system_restart": true,
        "display_meeting_list": false,
        "display_top_banner": false,
        "display_feedback_survey": false,
        "auto_direct_sharing": true,
        "transform_meeting_to_private": false,
        "hide_id_for_private_meeting": false,
        "auto_start_scheduled_meeting": false,
        "auto_stop_scheduled_meeting": false,
        "hide_share_instruction": false,
        "audio_device_daily_auto_test": true,
        "support_join_3rd_party_meeting": true,
        "encrypt_shared_screen_content": true,
        "allow_multiple_content_sharing": true,
        "show_non_video_participants": true,
        "show_call_history_in_room": false,
        "show_contact_list_on_controller": true,
        "count_attendees_number_in_room": true,
        "send_whiteboard_to_internal_contact_only": false
    "meeting_security": {
        "waiting_room": false,
        "waiting_room_settings": {},
        "meeting_password": true,
        "require_password_for_scheduled_meeting": false,
        "rmi_password": true,
        "password_for_rmi": "",
        "phone_password": true,
        "end_to_end_encrypted_meetings": false


    "zoom_rooms": {
        "upcoming_meeting_alert": false

None of which seem to update the settings. Instead, I just receive code 200 and settings response payload (as if I used GET method)

Any advice would be great, thank you! :slight_smile:

Silly me, this is an intended Postman behavior in response to 301/302 codes.
PATCH operations specifically require https protocol, the issue is resolved :slight_smile:

Glad you were able to resolve it! :slight_smile: