Use of Zoom Logo / Trademark

Are there policies/documentation/artifacts available for using the Zoom/powered by Zoom logo in new applications making use of the REST API?

If I create a new JWT application, for example, that lets users of my service get access to their Zoom recordings, can I use the Zoom logo or a Powered by Zoom Logo on my service’s website/application? Are logo graphics files available somewhere?

JWT applications are only for trusted, back-end services only to be used by the customer’s account (since the JWT app type is bound to your customer account and cannot be shared/distributed).

The OAuth2 and Chatbot type apps, both of which are meant to be published and distributed using Zoom App Marketplace, are granted as part of the signed Zoom Marketplace Developer Agreement (upon publishing of your app to Zoom App Marketplace) limited usage of the Zoom logo, per the Zoom Brand Use Guidelines:

You can find the specifics of this within the Zoom Marketplace Developer Agreement, Section 3 “Use of Marks”, subsections: “a” and “b”, here’s a screenshot.

Of course, this ONLY is applicable to published OAuth and Chatbot app types (since those require the developer to agree to the Marketplace Developer Agreement:

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