User level equivalent of dashboard meeting endpoints?

OAuth user level app

Is there a way for a user level app to get a user’s recent meetings (not just scheduled) which have occurred already, and then to get the detailed meeting participant information as it’s available via the account level dashboard api.

For example to see at who attended a meeting from last week for example and for how long. We can do this perfectly with an account level app and the dashboard api. But this would ideally be user level, so that we can just get this information for a user. I am sure there is a way to do this I can’t find it?

The /past_meetings calls return all past meetings with no summary information, and the participants for each just return simple participant information with no times in/out.

An account app can access the dashboard endpoints below which give a list of meetings for a user over a time period, and then accurate information about who joined and when.

Hi @Danz, thanks for posting & using Zoom!

As you write, this data is only provided at an account-level. Dashboard APIs provide participant & device data which is only reserved for admins.

Individual users can get this participant data on their meetings through our Webhooks using Participant Joined events.