User-level OAuth app with phone.* webhooks

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and other phone.* webhooks

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We want to use user-level OAuth app with phone.recording_completed webhook (and couple others with the same concern).

Documentation says “Your app must either be an account level OAuth App or a Webhook Only app. For more information, see Enable webhooks.” At the same time it just works for the user-level app (and it can be picked in the app configuration).

While I need this webhook for our OAuth app, I’m not sure if we can rely on it given the documentation quote above.

Is this a documentation bug (and we can trust this webhook in the user-level app), or implementation bug, and event can magically disappear later?

Will a user-level OAuth app work for these endpoints? Thanks

Hey @ccr1
It looks like you can subscribe to the phone.recording_completed event and the phone.callee_ended event with a OAuth user level app type.
Let me do some testing and do some internal research to clarify if this is something in our Docs or this is not supported for a user level app type.
I will come back to you with an update shortly