Hi guys, wanna integrate with ZOOM PHONE, question about events

We want to integrate with zoom phone
And receive webhooks only from our app call

we tested that we receive event from any call, if I am calling from zoom phone, or our app
but we need to monitor only events when user calls from our application

is this possible ?
If yes, how do we filter events, and know if the call was done from our app

Hey @levkovych67,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Which app type are you using for your webhook event subscriptions? (JWT, Webhook-Only, Oauth, etc.)

Can you share some details on how phone calls are being initiated from your app as well?


out app will be oauth app

we will have web app
and from our initial investigation we found out that we will receive all the events

so our question for now is
if we have 1 zoom account for 3 users and they call in parallel, how do we track who is calling from which profile ?

Hey @levkovych67,

Depending on the event type, you should be able to deduce some of these details from the event payload. Which event are you subscribed to specifically?


hi, @will.zoom
we want to receive all the events
but for now main events are call started, call put on hold, call finished

Hi @levkovych67,

Thanks for clarifying!

Most of these phone webhook events contain a unique user_id field. For instance, the Caller is connected and Callee answered events contain this within the caller and callee objects respectively:

This user_id will be unique per caller/account. If you have 3 users having calls in parallel, these would generate unique events for each, and the user_ids in these objects should help you determine who called whom. The event_ts field will have a unique timestamp as well.

Let me know if it helps!

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