User License Type via webhook or API

What API or webbook event can provide whether or not a user has a business license?

Get user settings appears to have boolean values for specific entitlement scenarios such as zoom_iq_for_sales, but none translate clearly to license type.

Is this possible to retrieve?

We have some features that are only available to business users, and we want to be able to check this on behalf of the user/gate the functionality in a clean ux.

Help appreciated! :pray:


Anyone else with this use-case that has solved it in a different way?

Open to creative ideas.

Hey @gibron
Sorry we missed your post!
Have you looked ito the Get a user endpoint?

In the response body, you get the field “type” with the value 1 (basic), 2 (licensed) or 99 (none / sso create users)

Hey @elisa.zoom thanks for the reply!

So GET /users seems like it would give us basic vs. licensed which is a good start. But, I wonder if there is a way to get further breakdown from licensed, as I believe there are different levels of licensed eg. Pro, Business, etc. ?

We use functionality that only works for Business and up so licensed vs basic wouldn’t help there.

Hi @gibron
Unfortunately, that is the only way to tell if a user is just licensed or basic, we do not provide more information via API or webhook events.

Feel free to open up a feature request here and tag me so I can track it down:


Thanks @elisa.zoom :slight_smile:

I will create a feature request. :pray:

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