User list tocken jwt

using the api
i get the list of users connected to my ap jwt.
but how can I insert others?
is done from the zoom panel manage users?
Thanks a lot for the answer

Hey @Paolo,

While you can use the Zoom administration panel to create users, you can also use the REST API. For more information on using the Create User API please see this document.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Max,
I had already tried the “create user” api, but it always returns error 200 “No privilege.”
I thought it could not be called from jwt but from OAuth.
If you can do it from jwt do I have to set something to have privileges?

Hi @Paolo,

You can call this endpoint using either JWT or OAuth authentication. Can you ensure you meet the prerequisites, such as a Pro or higher plan?


ah ok I didn’t have the prerequisite.
my client should have the pro.
pity that you can not do a test with a basic test account

Glad that helped to clarify, @Paolo :slight_smile:

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