Start an existing meeting [C#]

I developed a C # windows SDK app. He joins a meeting and once he is appointed co-host he performs simple automated operations. (the app does not log into any account)
The meeting is started from the normal Zoom application with my account.
What I would like to do is start this meeting through this app.

I have followed several topics in this forum but I have problems with obtaining the credentials and identifying those necessary for the SDK methods.

These are the methods I use:

StartParam st_param = new StartParam();
StartParam4WithoutLogin st = new StartParam4WithoutLogin();

//Code that should assign all necessary keys and tokens that is currently broken and incomplete

st_param.withoutloginStart = st;
CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetMeetingServiceWrap().Start(st);  //result: SDK_ERRORInvalid param

This is the parameter list of “StartParam4WithoutLogin”

public string userID;
public string userToken;
public string userZAK;
public string userName;
public ZoomUserType zoomuserType;
public ulong meetingNumber;
public string vanityID;
public HWNDDotNet hDirectShareAppWnd;
public string participantId;
public bool isVideoOff;
public bool isAudioOff;
public bool isDirectShareDesktop;

What I would like to ask

  1. Know if the exposed code snippet is correct based on the needs described.
  2. A detailed guide on what to put in each parameter.
  3. A detailed guide on how and where to find all the necessary tokens and know which token to assign to which parameter. (I entered the tokens the way I thought was correct but it didn’t work, the oauth code in userToken and the “zak” in userZak, but it didn’t work)
  4. Any other information that you consider useful.

Thank you so much for the help

Hi @Daniele,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late response. If you would like to retrieve the ZAK, you could retrieve it from the Zoom API:; Our current Windows SDK doc might not make it clear in this part and we are working on improving it. If you would like to know the concept and how to retrieve and to start the meeting with ZAK, you may refer to the instruction here: