Users, cannot accept my invitation

I have 2 problems when I use the API to send invitations,
1: They accept the invitation, but for some reason the account doesnt switch to my account, even when they dont have pending balances with Zoom, Zoom rooms or other Zoom account under their account, so I dont know if something else is causing that problem, right now I have 800 users in pending list, they told me they checked all of the previous points above, some of them have free account and cannot switch as well, all of them can see the message “we are switching your account, it will take few minutes” but never happen.
2: Sometimes I when I use the API I recieve the message “This user already holds an active account” with the code 1009 but thats a different issue

I had multiple meetings with Zoom agents, and nobody can help me, they told me that I just have to resend the invitation but it doesnt fix the problem, I have 800 users in pending list so please I need help, or I will be in troubles with my clients.

“we are switching your account, it will take a few minutes” and 1009 “User already holds a paid account”

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Request URL / Headers (without credentials) / Body
  2. See error

Additional context
I sent the invitation with a Licensed, before I sent the invitation with the license and capacity, even without a license but didnt work, please if someone could help me with this problem ASAP

Hey @workinglive,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Please provide the request endpoint, payload and response that are involved in this request and I’ll investigate this further.


Hey Max
Thank you, the end point is /users

{“action”: “create”
“user_info”:{ “email” : “client_email”, “type”:2, “first_name”:“client_name”, “last_name”: “client_lastname”} }

And always got the 201 “user created”
They recieve the invitation and accept, finally they see the message “we are switching your account it will take few minutes” but never happen, so I have 800 users in pending list, and asking every day, I tried sending the invitation with type :1 (basic) without success, I made sure, they don’t have any zoom rooms, pending balances, other zoom account under their accounts. So it’s weird, they can see the message “we are switching your account” but doesn’t work at the end. So please help me

Hey @workinglive,

Thank you for the update. It looks like an existing user with a paid account cannot be added via the API and instead, this can only be done with the Web Portal.

I understand that this definitely poses an issue and have since submitted a feature request for this directly to our engineering team. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the progress. (ZOOM-242400)


Thank you Max,

And how about the other issue, why users cannot accept the invitation, even when they can see “we are switching your account” message, that’s the most important issue

Hey @workinglive,

Please send an email to with your user’s email address as well as the email of one of the failing user invitations. Reference this thread in that email and I’ll investigate this further from there.


Thank you Max, I juts sent you the email from, referencing this thread

Hey @workinglive,

Thank you for submitting a ticket. I’ll follow-up with you there. :slightly_smiling_face:


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