Users/{userid}/meetings - returning deleted and active

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I’m pulling meetings via users/{userid}/meetings endpoint. I’m getting both active and deleted meetings for a userid. I only want active.

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One of the meetings this is returning is [REDACTED], which is a deleted meeting.

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Hey @dbailey,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Looking at the Meeting ID that you provided, I can see that there is an upcoming occurrence of that meeting hosted by that user. Please check that is the correct Meeting ID that you saw this issue with.


that is the correct meetingID. These two are also coming up. [9:34 AM] Sweet, Travis
Also [REDACTED] for 4/14 and 95972294407 on 4/14

you need to run the API

Here is the output for one of our meeting numbers. One meetingid is active and the other is deleted.


[REDACTED] [REDACTED] 6777714488 05/12/2021 05/12/2021 – Active
[REDACTED] [REDACTED] 6777714488 05/12/2021 05/12/2021 --Deleted

Hey @dbailey,

Thank you for the update and for providing more meeting IDs to investigate. So far, out of the latest Meeting IDs provided, only the 959 7229 4407 meeting was deleted. When using the List Meetings API with that user’s credentials, I didn’t see that meeting returned.

Please send an email to with a link to this thread. In that email, please include the full request URL that you’re using when you see this issue as well as the full response.

I’ll troubleshoot further using that information to see if I can identify why you’re seeing deleted meetings are returned.


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