Using PMI for Instant Meeting

For user with the use pmi option set to true, this option is suppose to use pmi for instant meetings, when creating an instant meet through API it is creating a total different meeting id. This happens even when passing the use pmi option during the creation of the meeting via the api.

New meeting ids being created for instant meetings create via the create meeting api

Hi @conniem thanks for posting & using Zoom!

This could occur if the user’s setting is not set to “Locked”. When the API receives a request without a password and the account/user setting is not locked, it interprets this as creating a meeting without a password.

NOTE: In the future, passwords will be enforced on for all accounts, so if you do not set a password when calling the create meeting API, it will always generate and return one for you.

Reference this post from @tommy for further tested details:


I guess I asked the wrong question. Is it possible to set the circled part of the posted image using the APIs?

Hey @conniem,

Yes you can! Use the Update User endpoint: