Using the IStatisticSettingContext interface

I’m trying to get audio, video, sharing statistics for an in-progress meeting started through the SDK. All I seem to get back are 0’s for all statistics.

I am using version of the SDK on Windows using C++.

This is my workflow:-

  1. Initialize the SDK - this succeeds
  2. Set up an “authentication listener” which derives from IAuthServiceEvent
  3. Authorize - this succeeds
  4. When the authorization successfully completes (I get called back in my override for IAuthServiceEvent::onAuthenticationReturn with a result of success) I login.
  5. I get called back in my override for IAuthServiceEvent::onLoginReturnWithReason with success
  6. In IAuthServiceEvent::onLoginReturnWithReason I create a “meeting event listener” by deriving from IMeetingServiceEvent and calling IMeetingService::SetEvent to register it.
  7. I then start a new meeting
  8. On another machine I join the started meeting as a different user.
  9. From now on I get called back for all the various states the meeting goes through: connecting, in-meeting, disconnecting, ended. In each callback I try to get the stats by:-
    a) Calling ISettingService::GetStatisticSettings for my “setting service” object to get the IStatisticSettingContext interface.
    b) Calling IStatisticSettingContext::QueryVideoStatisticInfo etc.

The call at 9b fails unless I am in meeting but even then it always seems to return a 0 for all the stats in the passed structure. I see stats in all the “Statistics” panes of the Zoom client UI from the started meeting.

Has anybody successfully used this to retrieve stats ? If, so could you possibly throw some light on what it is I might be doing wrong ?


Hey @john.sinclair,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Can you update to the latest version and let me know if you face the same issue?


Hi Michael,

Unfortunately same issue with build



Hey @john.sinclair,

I see, thank you for checking that. Can you reproduce the issue one more time and then send me the SDK logs from that instance in an email to Please mention my name and a link to this post in your email.


Logs sent. Thankyou for your help.

Hey @john.sinclair,

You are welcome, we will let you know what we find.


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