Do I need to publish my app for this use case?


I’d like to know if I need to publish my app in the Zoom Marketplace to achieve the following use case:

  • My healthcare company provides telehealth video chats with patients over Zoom
  • My company’s native iOS app has integrated the MeetingSDK
  • We’re using the Secret / Key from my company’s Zoom developer account
  • The Zoom meetings are NOT created by my company, they’re created by a partner company and the meeting URLs are shared with our patients
  • So far, we’re seeing an error that indicates our app needs to be published in order to join a meeting. (This wasn’t the case before the JWT authentication scheme update)

Question: do we really need to go through the full process of publishing to the Zoom Marketplace given that our “zoom app” will not be used/added by the general public?

If not, then how do we get past the “must publish” error we’re seeing?

Thanks in advance for your any insights.

Hey @jim.vanaria , welcome! Good question… under this flow, you won’t need to necessarily “publish” the app (list it publicly), but you would need to go through a review.

You will need to go through a review to allow the Meeting SDK to join meetings outside of your account. If the meetings were created by your developer account, this would not be the case.

We do this to provide a security testing and attestation for all Meeting SDK apps that want to join meetings outside of their account.

We do allow for sharing of private apps in a limited capacity (documentation here); however, this is meant to allow for a temporary testing period. This might be a good option if you’re currently blocked.

@abe.queen and the App Review team might be able to add more color here.

Hi @jim.vanaria,

While we currently do not support the beta process for SDK Apps, we’d like to learn more about your app’s use-case.

  • Could you provide insights into the user flow within your app?
  • Is your app exclusively designed for patients, and will they be granting authorization for your SDK App to initiate API calls? For instance, does the app make API calls to create Zoom meetings upon appointment bookings, or is it solely utilized for joining/starting Zoom meetings within your iOS app?

Please note that if the SDK app is used to join meetings created by users outside of your account, we require the app to undergo a review process before being published.

For detailed information on SDK app requirements, please refer to: SDK App Requirements, and for insights into the review process, visit: SDK App Review Process.

Additionally, if you have concerns about controlling who can add your app, please review: Controlling Who Can Add Your App.


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