v2 issues with meetings endpoint

Is anyone else having issues pulling meeting lists with the new v2 API? 

I had it working last week, and now it’s only returning live meetings even though i’ve set type to past; the next_page_token also only returns the first page of results. 

The concept is fairly straight forward so I am having a hard time believeing my code is wrong, the docs aren’t explicit so there could be an issue with the library I am using to generate my token.

the JWT token is being genreate as follows:

def generate\_jwt(ttl):
 # jwt payload
 jwt\_payload = {
 'iss': cfg['zoom']['api\_key'],
 'exp': datetime.utcnow() + timedelta(seconds=ttl)

 # Encode signature and spit out a utf-8 string
 signature = str(jwt.encode(jwt\_payload, cfg['zoom']['api\_secret'], algorithm='HS256'), 'utf-8')

 return signature

and meeting list is being pull like this:

def get\_meeting\_list\_single\_page(token, page\_size, type, get\_from, get\_to, next\_page\_token):
 # GET meetings API endpoint
 r = s.get('%s/metrics/meetings' % base\_url, headers={'Authorization': 'Bearer %s' % token},
 data={'type': type, 'from': get\_from, 'to': get\_to, 'next\_page\_token': next\_page\_token},


FWIW, I also tried entering jibberish in some of the data fields and the request completes, returning page one of live meetings.   Must be a default when the call isn’t “complete”? 

If your not getting a “invalid token” message your token generation should be fine.


Please verify that you are not running into a rate limit https://zoom.github.io/api/#rate-limits /metrics/meetings has max of 1 request per minute

Very strange, it’s like the first call I make gets stuck. Let me fiddle around and get back to you.  It’s definietely not a rate limit as i’d get a 429 back instead of a 200 (and presumably no data).

I figured it out.  Apparently, you can no longer include a payload as data in a request.  you have to include your payload as a query in the endpoint url.  

so my original r = s.get line should now show as: 

r = s.get('%s/metrics/meetings/?type=%s&from=%s&to=%s' % (base\_url, type, get\_from, get\_to),
 headers={'Authorization': 'Bearer %s' % token}, verify=False)

That works as expected.  

This also explains why the original code was always returning live meetings; it’s the default when you don’t provide any query paremeters since they are all optional

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HI Matt,


Correct, for this endpoint the parameters you are trying to pass are “Query Arguments” not “Body Arguments”