Issue with list meetings endpoint in API v2

Endpoint: users/{userId}/meetings
the endpoint is not returning meetings created using api V1.
We use this endpoint for reporting purpose and our users started to complain about old data not being displayed. after some testing i found out that the meetings created with version 1 were not part of the output. To test this what id was to create using the api v2, an appointment in the past. and it was returned with no issues. Any help would be appreciated. I tried to contact support and they suggested i should post the question here.

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Hey @Franco_lannolo,

Due note the V1 Webhooks are no longer operational.

When did you create these meetings with the V1 API?


These meetings were created before june 1st when the api was turned off. but we have on our system reports that use the endpoint mentioned in my previous comment to get the data from the past few months on zoom and we are not getting old appointments.

At first i thought it could be a timeframe issue. but using the api v2 i scheduled an appointment in the past just for testing purpose and the appointment was displayed in the report with no issues. so, no matter the date, if the appointment was scheduled using api v1, the endpoint is not returning the meetings. only the ones created using api v2.

Thanks for your help.

Hey @Franco_lannolo,

Can you share one of the meetingIDs that is not working?