Vanity URL exclusion from a telecommunication provider


I have developed a mobile app which utilize zoom mobile SDK. One of the mobile telecommunication provider would like to exclude all the internet bandwidth which goes through my mobile app. So, the telecommunication provider is asking for a static IP that he needs to allow.

I have found something called vanity URLs in zoom. Currently I’m in pro account plan. So, I do not know if I upgrade my plan, will I be able to fulfil my requirement or not.

  1. Does vanity URLs be mapped to a static IP address which I can tell to my telecommunication provider to allow from their systems?

  2. Can you guarantee that if person X installed both zoom mobile app and my custom mobile app, by allowing vanity URL IP, only my custom app will have free mobile bandwidth for any of zoom meetings that happens through my Vanity URL enabled account?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi jude.niroshan11,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. May I inquire what is the use case to use the vanity URL in the SDK app? I believe we have vanityID in SDK but not vanity URL. If you are interested in learning about the vanity URL, I might not be the best person to speak with. You may contact Zoom support at and one of the experts will be happy to help you.

Hope this helps. Thanks!