Verify Deauthorization event - signature issue

I’m trying to verificate Deauthorization webhook event using this documentation: Using webhooks

Issue is I can’t get same signature as X-Zm-Signature after I hash my string with X-Zm-Request-Timestamp and payload. Is it wrong something with my code?

X-Zm-Signature: v0=db1a9e8bc25ad3c00a462ef3caa77cff82c06df0bbfe7155d28c9091a98e414b
My signature: v0=KtHmQxjf93V74thor/9eZzRk/kzHAditgfiNcjONrq0=

My signature before hash: v0:1668690785:{“event”:“app_deauthorized”,“payload”:{“account_id”:“S543Bgs0Rb2y3vDugXTYeA”,“user_id”:“vbI4BqUoRguZzNvJGJHfgw”,“signature”:“92b0befcce9309fd88b39b5c52a9ee3f3e6257fa42c65f556f44698bf163b66f”,“deauthorization_time”:“2022-11-17T13:13:05.107Z”,“client_id”:“y2t3CDe2T5Kj_7evg8RI3g”},“event_ts”:1668690785107}

For hashing I used secret token OlyNRtX8SHKnFjVTaK_enQ

Signature building:

Hash method:

Hi @Olegs
Hope you are doing fine!
Are you still having this issue or do you still need help with this?

Issue was resolved, thanks


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