Verify Domain Issue: Support, Privacy, and Other Links are on a Different Domain

We are ready to submit our app to the marketplace but we are encountering the following issue - the support, privacy, terms, etc. are located on a different URL from the application; similar to how Atlassian/Jira works where there is a .com address for many pages but the app itself is on the .net domain. In our case, the link to many pages is off of but the user app is

I believe the application won’t let us submit with this error showing.

Which App?
Marketplace app submission process, final screen (Submit).

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context
Can you tell me how we proceed past this issue?

Hoping to get a reply soon - is there another forum or mechanism for asking this question?

Hey @patrick.chapman,

You can solve this by adding redirects from your respective domain to the other domain.

So put in the marketplace inputs which redirects to


@tommy, ok not ideal but we’ll use this workaround…

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Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile: