Verifying subdomains

We have an app currently published on the marketplace. We are updating our domain to use two region based subdomains (ie, Could we please have some assistance on how to:

  • Validate the subdomains
  • Allow redirects to these subdomains in production

The provided submission interface only provides for a single domain and production redirect auth.

I see various posts relating to this in the forums but they all seem to be resolved in private.



Thank you for your Question and your use of the Zoom Marketplace.

At the moment we do have the following information you can use for Subdomain addition please see here

Hi Kwaku,

That will be fine for the auth, is there still no mechanism for changing the webhook endpoint across regions, or is it still a case of having to submit a different app for a different region?



Yes at the moment is the only option to create separate apps for each sub-region but we also have the unlisted app type now that can help with this

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