Video beginning then closing after a few seconds

I currently have a Web SDK app which joins a meeting and automatically, joins pc audio by performing a click on the join audio element… This works as expected.
After this i join video by performing a click on join video using javascript.

Although, once join video element is clicked programatically some unexpected behaviour is occurring.


  1. Perform automatic click on join video button through Javascript.
  2. Webcam records and video starts (Expected)
  3. Webcam stops recording and video stops (Unexpected) <---- Why is this part happening?


  • If i perform this step manually by making a mouse click this does not happen.
  • Not sure if this is relevant but the web sdk user is not the host of the meeting.

Which version?
Zoom web sdk 1.7.7
Desktop - Chrome 81.0.4044.138 64bit

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

Additional context
This use to work in previous versions of the Web SDK. Possibly has something to do with browser autoplay settings although i’m not sure

This is happening with me also in zoom web sdk, video going on when I start meeting then it goes off after some time automatically.
Don’t know what happened exactly?

Hi @james1 @taushifali

When the error occurs, do you see any errors displaying within the console log? Would you be able to provide a quick screen recording of this as well, to help us investigate the issue?


Hi @Michael_Purnell

Here is a screen recording to aid investigation of the issue.

Any errors that display are visible in the screen recording as I have the Dev console open.

In the video you should see a black box open and “video started” in the log once I simulate a user clicking on start video.

Once this happens the webcam starts recording (A black box appears in top right corner) and then after a few seconds the webcam stops recording (the black box disappears).


Hey @james1,

Can you email these details and the meeting ID this is happening to, to



Hi James, I’m curious if you are still experiencing this problem or found any solution? We’re having a very similar issue. Its not 100% consistent but I haven’t found a pattern yet.



Hi @bamurph

I had to uncheck the setting for the meeting host below. This allowed me to do what I needed.


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Hey @james1,

Happy to hear you figured out the issue! :slight_smile:

@bamurph, did that fix the issue for you too?