BUG: Web SDK, clicking on Start Video label

Clicking on the ‘Start Video’ label not the Video icon, leaves the meeting.

Last two versions and any browser.
Used current version of Chrome to replicate issue.

Hey @jhansen,

Are there any logs in the browser console?

Possibly related:

CC @JackYang


This is not the problem. No errors, generated in the logs, when the button is clicked. There is an error when initializing the meetings.


js_media.min.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Failed to construct ‘URL’: Invalid URL
at e. (js_media.min.js:1)
at D (js_media.min.js:1)
at Generator._invoke (js_media.min.js:1)
at Generator.e. [as next] (js_media.min.js:1)
at r (js_media.min.js:1)
at u (js_media.min.js:1)
at js_media.min.js:1
at new Promise ()
at new t (js_media.min.js:1)
at e. (js_media.min.js:1)

Hi @jhansen,

This bug is not easily reproducible. Would you be able to send a screen recording of the bug happening and provide the marketplace developer email so that we can further investigate?


Here is a link to the bug.

Thanks @jhansen,

This will be fixed in the upcoming 1.7.9 Web SDK release: