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Hello, I wanted to know how can I do zoom integration in my website but it should not show zoom it should show my domain name how can I do that can anyone help me with this.

Hi @priyajain240707
If you want to use an external domain (your domain), then you need to embed a meeting using the Web Client SDK. By “embed” I mean, you should create a workflow, which actually works like this:
Step 1: You create an app where the user can go to the desired zoom meeting, or you preset that.
Step 2: (OPTIONAL) You may want to authenticate the user. If the “meeting” is authenticated, well Zoom will be happy to do so for your.
Step 3: Use the Web Client SDK to build a page, where a user can join a meeting. Reference docs

How we handle this for our tuition classes?


We run a institution of teacher who take tuitions. As a developer, my team & I have developed a fashionable UI and web backend to do so.

What we require?

  1. A JWT Application, the docs of which are given here.
  1. This gives us two things API_KEY & API_SECRET.
  2. Knowledge of calling API backend, through PHP. For API docs see
  1. For some restrictions on Zoom Meeting Web UI, so that unauthorized access can be prevented you can refer to my post here:


A. Pre - Meeting Requirements:

  1. We ask the student to register and login for our classes.
    • Quick Tip!! We use Zoom OAuth Zoom OAuth 2.0 Docs, as it will be required to join zoom meetings.
    • Also one plus point is that “Zoom does not knowingly allow children under the age of 16 to sign up for their own accounts”, as quoted from Zoom Privacy Policy (Zoom & Children)
    • Also Zoom Sign In already integrated Google Sign In and Facebook Sign In, which also helps us save ourselves from writing excess code.
  2. Unrelated We then ask the student to choose the subjects, associate the teacher, show him the number of meetings he/she needs to join, collect as less info as we can, and ask their parents for payment.
  3. Post Payment confirmation, we call the POST /meetings/{meetingId}/registrants. Docs:
  1. This helps us keep the registrant_id which would be returned for a valid response.

B. Post Meeting Requirements:

If you go use Web Client SDK, you would soon realize a lot can be achieved by using the same.

  1. We have created a page where in, when a user (Student) likes to join his or her class, we follow these docs here.
  1. To join we specifically follow this:
  1. We use the docs here stated: or Zoom WebSDK - Documentation

  2. To protect other students from joining the meeting you can refer:

I hope the cross references and this real life use case works. See the web app code @ To download it you can visit Releases · zoom/websdk · GitHub.

If you need any thing more, please contact me.

Anweshan (@anweshan)

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Thanks for your excellent guidance @anweshan!

Let us know if you have any questions @priyajain240707


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