Video feeds intermittently get replaced by black squares with red smears at larger numbers of users

Hi all! We’re seeing an issue with the web Video SDK where at larger numbers of videos, individual video feeds will sometimes get replaced by black squares, often with red smears (see below). This usually starts happening at around 9-12 users, and becomes more prominent as the number of users increases. The behavior is inconsistent - videos will phase in and out for different users, and won’t all show up the same for every user. The behavior doesn’t seem dependent on what OS users are using or their device specs, on either the broadcasting or receiving end, though non-Chrome browsers do seem to experience it more.

Usually when videos are first rendered things will look fine for a while, but will turn black after some time. Triggering a rerender (usually via adjustRenderedVideoPosition) also often clears things up temporarily. I haven’t noticed anything in console logs that corresponds to this behavior starting or ending, though I did just learn about the video-statistic-data-change event, so I haven’t looked at that information yet.

Which Web Video SDK version?


Device (please complete the following information):

  • Devices: Various devices, Mac and Windows
  • Browsers: Mostly Chrome

Hey @ycz

Thanks for your feedback.

Did you enable the SharedArrayBuffer on your site?


Yeah, this is all with SharedArrayBuffer enabled. I’m generally able to display multiple videos in the same canvas, this just sometimes starts to happen for some of the video feeds, seemingly at random.

Are you seeing this when testing with the sample video SDK app as well? That should help our team to reproduce the issue.

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