Video Frames Displaying Cut-outs from Top and Bottom in Zoom Meeting SDK

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Meeting SDK Type and Version

  • Platform: Android
  • Zoom meeting SDK: V5.17.1.18530

I am integrating the Zoom Meeting SDK into my Android app, leveraging an external video source based on the ZoomSDKVideoSource. The frames received from my source are in RGB format, with a size of 640x360 (HxW) and a rotation of 0. I convert these frames into YUV and send them to the external video sender.

However, the displayed frames exhibit an issue, manifesting as a cut-off from the top and bottom, as depicted in the attached images.

No specific error messages are encountered. The problem is observed in the displayed frames.

Troubleshooting Routes
I have attempted several troubleshooting methods, including testing with different image sizes. I mocked my source with images of 720p and 1080p resolutions, but the cropping issue persisted. For reference, during the initialization of the external video source object (onInitialize), the following information was obtained: (WxHxFPS.)
supportCapList:320:180:25, 640:480:25, 1280:720:25

I have also experimented with changing the ‘aspect_mode’ of the ‘MobileRTCVideoUnitRenderInfo’, but it seems to only affect the already cropped region of the frame as if the remaining part of the image does not exist.

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