Video not to be cropped in circular in immersive view/ Allow host to take original video of participants (Without virtual background) in custom immersive view

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When we use custom image./ my video as custom immersive view the videos of participants are cropped in circular frame. see this image

Describe the solution you’d like
Videos of participants should not be cropped in circle/ Host should have the control to not to cropped in circle or not to remove background in custom immersive view as we want to place the video in our specified frames without removal of background.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

  1. If Zoom allow the host to not to remove background in immersive view it can help the host to easily place the video in specified custom frames…
  2. Host should be able to add custom immersive view with specified frames so that videos of participants can be placed automatically

Additional context

here I am using my virtual cam video in immersive view as background and want to place the video of participant in the frame but it is cropped in circle because use user is from the android phone which is supported for background removal, so in this case when user’s device is not compatible to remove background then video should be in its original ratio.