Video SDK, no user_key returned when fetching session users

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**List Session Users **

We have an issue where the user_key is always an empty string. It started to happen from friday as far as we can tell. We do include a custom 4 digit id as a string in the user_identity field when creating the token as per , but when using the sessionUsers api, the user_key field is always ‘’. This issue make unusable an important feature of our app and we would need some help to troubleshoot it asap. Thank you.


How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Generate a token adding a 4 digit id to the user_identity as a string.
*2. Join the session *
3. Use sessionUsers api to fetch the users from the given session

Can we have an update on the above please? It starts to be a big issue for us as a big feature of the project relies on the user_key.

Thank you.