Zoom /videosdk/sessions

I’m getting some weird behavior searching with session_key param.

API call:
“from”: “2024-02-01”,
“to”: “2024-03-01”,
“page_size”: 30,
“next_page_token”: “”,
“sessions”: [
“id”: “OMITTED”,
“session_name”: “Zoom SDK Test”,
“start_time”: “2024-02-02T14:59:07Z”,
“end_time”: “2024-02-02T15:03:45Z”,
“duration”: “04:38”,
“user_count”: 2,
“has_voip”: true,
“has_video”: false,
“has_screen_share”: false,
“has_recording”: false,
“has_pstn”: false,
“session_key”: “1234567890”

but this returns nothing
API call:
“from”: “2024-02-01”,
“to”: “2024-03-01”,
“page_size”: 30,
“next_page_token”: “”,

I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong here?

One possibility is that the session_key parameter might not be intended for searching purposes. Instead, it could be a unique identifier for a specific session. In that case, trying to search for sessions using this parameter might not yield any results because it’s not designed for that purpose.

To troubleshoot this further, I would recommend checking the API documentation to see if there are any specific guidelines or restrictions regarding the use of the session_key parameter. It’s also a good idea to verify if the session key you’re providing is correct and corresponds to an existing session.

The API documentation does point out that session_key can be used for searching.

Still waiting on a response.
Please assist if session_key can be used for searching purposes and whether the way I’m using it is correct.

Hey @dev.isv.zoom, where are you obtaining the sessionKey from?
You can use client.current.getSessionInfo().sessionId on web for example to get the sessionId.
Once you obtain the sessionId you can then use this route GET /videosdk/sessions/{sessionId} to access the session info

 const data = await fetch(`https://api.zoom.us/v2/videosdk/sessions/${sessionId}`, {
    headers: {
      'Authorization': `Bearer ${token}`

Make sure you pass in the type query paramater as https://api.zoom.us/v2/videosdk/sessions/${sessionId}?type=past if you’d like to see past sessions, it defaults to live sessions.

sessionKey is set by our token generation, I’m using it as an identifier for the meeting.
I want to search without the sessionId. Searching with sessionKey only

You can use the session_key with GET /videosdk/sessions as:

However this API has Rate Limit Label: RESOURCE-INTENSIVE i.e. 10 requests/minute

More details here: Zoom Video SDK API

Hi @ekaansh.zoom

Yes I’ve tried this however it is not returning any results when I pass in the session_key value. This is my question of why this is happening. Please see the parameters and results I passed in my original question

hi @ekaansh.zoom

Still waiting on this.

I’m having the same problem with /videosdk/sessions

The session_key and session_name search parameters simply don’t work.

Sorry about this. I’d request you to double check that you’ve set the session_key correctly in the JWT and that your filter is set correctly to check for live/past sessions as required.

We’ll also look into this internally, sending you a DM to request some information.