Video Sdk unable to switchCamera WEB (chrome, mozilla, safari)

Im using Vue 2 and having issue on switching the camera i have 2 cameras on my desktop which i need to switch

on my template this is the user can change the camera

                <v-select @change="changeCam" v-model="cameraSelected" :items="cameraList" item-text="label" item-value="deviceId" return-object  label="Camera" solo></v-select>

and once change this is the code

                console.log('camera Id', this.cameraSelected.deviceId)


Hi @enricke, can you share the error message? What’s the problem you’re facing?

I was able to switch the camera easily using this snippet:

  const mediaStream = client.getMediaStream();
  const devices = await mediaStream.getCameraList(); // get devices
  console.log(devices) // double check that device shows here
  mediaStream.switchCamera(devices[index].deviceId); // switch