Video SDK Web 1.4.0 - Update sample app

Hi @tommy / Zoom team,

Do you anticipate updating your React-demo in the videosdk sample app for Web 1.4.0 release?

I’m just getting started with the Zoom Video SDK, but noticed the video-layout-helper appears to still be defaulted to the const maxCount = 9; on row 53.

I suspect with the increase to support 25 renderVideo this video-layout-helper needs some upgrades?

Many thanks for the consideration!

Hey @parker

Thanks for your feedback.

We will update the sample app later. Currently, if you want to try the 5 × 5 layout in the react sample project, just change the value in line 14 and line 53 of the video-layout-helper.ts, and line 6 in ’ usePagination.ts from 9 to 25.

Hope this can help you.



That’s super helpful. Thanks @vic.yang! :raised_hands:

Dear all,

Please note I have load ‘index.umd.js’ from the dist of videosdk-web. However, there is no ZoomVideo object created in Global. please kindly help to let me know the load sequence of videosdk.


Hey @java.helpdesk

Thanks for your feedback.

The global variable name is “WebVideoSDK”, and the functions are in the ‘default’ property. Still, we suggest using the Video SDK via npm,

import ZoomVideo from '@zoom/videosdk'


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Hi @vic.yang

I start to do join call. however, it is failure to join with network captured packet wrote to ask me the app_type. What app-type should I place for video web sdk?

videoclient.join(topic, token, username, password)

As follows, it was replied from Zoom API
“status”: false,
“errorCode”: 300,
“errorMessage”: “This account does not exist or does not belong to you”

Please correct me.


Hey @java.helpdesk ,

Make sure you are using a Video SDK account Video SDK App type Key and Secret to generate the Video SDK JWT.

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


Hey Tommy

I am Daniel. Please note I have go through the payment by Apple Pay. However, it is still cannot use the VideoSDK account. please kindly help


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