Video SDK React Native initial release

Hey Zoom Developers,

We’re happy to announce the initial release of the Video SDK React Native wrapper for iOS and Android, version 1.1.1. The React Native wrapper has a similar feature set as the native iOS and Android Video SDKs.

See the documentation to learn how to install and use it!

Known limitations

  • No support for raw data.



This is a great release and announcement. Thanks, @tommy.

Will there be an official React Native meeting SDK as well from Zoom?
Currently on native iOS and our team is looking to switch to React Native for development speed.


Could you please give the correct link to the react native sample application and there is no sample app repository in your github account either.

Hey @AntiXYZ ,

Apologies for the confusion. You can find the example app in the React Native Video SDK download from the Marketplace.


Hey @kaitlynnst ,

We are exploring a React Native Meeting SDK, but we do not have a timeline yet.


Hi @tommy, I am unable to find the react-native VIdeo SDK in the Marketplace. Could you please guide me on this?


Hey @joeTech ,

Make sure you are using a Video SDK account:


Thank you so much @tommy.

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:


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