Video SDK Web version 1.1.0

Video SDK Web version 1.1.0

Hello Zoom Developers, here are the updates for the Video SDK Web version 1.1.0 release :

Major change

  1. Updated “Instant” namespace to “Video”. When you upgrade to 1.1.0 make sure to update Instant to Video. For example change import ZoomInstant from @zoomus/videosdk'; to import ZoomVideo from '@zoom/videosdk';


  1. Local audio and video track APIs to preview audio/video before joining a session.
  2. Audio quality of service (QoS) improvements resulting in smoother audio in high latency environments.
  3. npm option for integrating the Web Video SDK into the developer workflow. Available at @zoom/videosdk - npm.
  4. CORP/COEP header configurations in the demo apps to support cross-origin isolation requirements for changes related to Chrome 92. See for details.
  5. APIs for controlling and managing Web Video SDK sessions.
  6. In addition to our React demo, we now have a new pure-JS demo of a more-traditional video experience that does not use any frameworks or libraries. You can use this demo app to experiment with simpler video use cases. See GitHub - zoom/sample-app-videosdk: zoom videosdk web demo for details.
  7. We also deployed a sample app that demonstrates how to securely generate a Video SDK session signature on the server side. You can run it locally or one click deploy it to a cloud server to get it up and running for testing. See GitHub - zoom/videosdk-sample-signature-node.js: Generate a signature to Start and Join Sessions with the Zoom Web Video SDK. for details.


  1. Exposed enumeration types to facilitate proper usage of types and type-checking.
  2. Clarified notices around older SDK versions that need to be upgraded.

You can also see the update listed on our Changelog:


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