Video-single canvas didn't resize after the viewport size was changed


I’m testing the latest sample app
I opened App.tsx and change /video to VideoSingle
I run the web
I turn on my camera
I resize my Chrome window
The canvas didn’t change it sharp
The problem did not happen with video.tsx only happen with video-single.tsx

Video web SDK: 1.7.10
Browser: Chrome 114

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Hi @thanh.huynh ,

I ran the application as you described above but was not able to reproduce the issue as my canvas did resize appropriately. Could you attach a screenshot of what you’re seeing?


You should able to reproduce that
Note that you need to use the VideoSingle not the default Video component
Here is the screenshots:

You see that the canvas didn’t change
It should become smaller after I change the window size. But it didn’t

Hey @thanh.huynh

Thanks for your feedback.

We will improve the sample app code later.


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