Videos no longer rendering in Chrome (framereader read null frame!)

Video no longer renders in Chrome (both self and others). This was previously working flawlessly until a few days ago.
I am still in WebCodecs and Shared Array Buffer origin trials.
Confirmed with
typeof SharedArrayBuffer ===‘function’ returns TRUE

Web cam lights turns on, Red dot appears in Chrome tab, but no video is rendered, just a black screen. Error in JS console is “framereader read null frame!”. we get thousands of these.

Error in JS console is “framereader read null frame!”. we get thousands of these.

Which Web Video SDK version?
Video Web SDK 1.1.5, with the /dist files replaced all 1.1.4 to 1.1.5

Hey @stipoy ,

What version of Chrome are you using?

Can you try not using the WebCodecs origin trial? Let me know if that fixes the issue.


Hi Tommy,

Tried it without WebCodes, deleted from Registration and removed all related meta data but still experiencing the same error.

Hi Tommy,

ok figured this one out. my bad. i forgot to copy of the /lib folder of the new 1.1.5 SDK to the public folder. copied it and it works now. Thanks!

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Happy to hear you got it working! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your solution.


I just observed this issue today. I am using SharedArrayBuffer and today suddenly I started getting the “framereader read null frame!” error. This happens when I initialize the zoom client with the CDN link like so

await zmClient.init("en-US", "");

However, it only works fine when I use the local lib on my public folder like so

await zmClient.init("en-US", `${window.location.origin}/lib`, "");

I would really rather use the CDN link instead of the local files, what could this issue be about? I tried using this URL (‘’) too but the same issue seems to appear

Hey @poufy,

It looks like you are using the wrong CDN.

It should be this:

await zmClient.init("en-US", "");


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I really appreciate it Tommy!
You are right changing the CDN link worked. Is there a place where I can view the latest CDN links for zoom?

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Happy to help @poufy ! :slight_smile:

Here are the two Zoom CDNs:

Web Meeting SDK:

Web Video SDK:

1.1.5 dependency work around: Web Video SDK 1.1.5 Dependency Work Around


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