VideoSDK web Safari render multiple videos

SDK: Video (web) 1.3.0
Hello. I am having problems with rendering multiple videos on the same canvas while using safari browser. I’ve read Video is not rendering when more than 1 participant starts his video in Firefox in SDK v1.2.5 , it was said that it was fixed in 1.2.7, but Im still getting the same error in 1.3.0. Also there is some contradicting information about the sdk being able to render multiple videos. Here are some quotes from docs : " Video SDK for Web can render up to [nine videos at a time] on Chrome and Edge browsers on desktop OSes (desktop Chrome and Edge). It can render two videos on Safari on a desktop. It can also render two videos on Firefox and mobile browsers. You can show additional videos using pagination. The maximum [video quality on web] is 720p." However, there is also " In the Chrome and Edge browsers (chromium browsers), our Web SDKs use an API called [SharedArrayBuffer] to deliver a better experience to the end user…“, " If SharedArrayBuffer is not enabled, only Self and Speaker View will be available in the Web Meeting SDK. In the Web Video SDK only two video streams will be available, self video and a single participant video stream.” The table on Zoom Video SDK for Web states that also mobile browsers do not support multiple video rendering. That is why I am a bit confused about Safari being able to display multiple videos. I got multiple videos rendered on android, chrome.
I tried to run the react sample app both on MacOS and iOS using safari. I got this error:
Error: {type: “INVALID_OPERATION”, reason: “subscribe video counts greater than maximum size (1)”}
I am using sample react application. It works fine on Chrome browsers both on MacOS and android, but it doesn’t work while using Safari.

Steps to reproduce the error/problem:

  1. Get react sample app running
  2. (you can try enforceMultipleVideos)
  3. Run it on Safari
    4.Turn on your video
    5.Wait for others to join and start their video

By not enforcing multiple videos, I can only see one video in multiple person call, which is not my video. If I enforce it, I can see that other users are in the call. If I start my video first, It is displayed correctly, but when others start their video, I get the error message mentioned above. If others start their video first, their video is centered in the canvas, thus it is overlapped by other users name elements.
At this point I am a bit confused. Is multiple video rendering supported for Safari? Is there anything I am doing wrong? I am also using the headers recommended in other posts, but I just cant get the videos to render on the same canvas.

Hey @Edijs

Thanks for your feedback.

Due to the technical limitation of the browsers, we haven’t supported multiple videos in the same canvas on Firefox and Safari and Mobile. You can use multiple canvases to render the videos.