Multiple videos are not rendering properly in Firefox and Safari

There is an issue with rendering multiple videos in Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers, causing flickering across the entire participants’ canvas.

Browser Console Error
Upon checking the browser console, the variable isSupportMultipleVideos returns false in Safari and Firefox, while it returns true in Google Chrome and Edge.

Which Web Video SDK version?

Video SDK Code Snippets
stream.renderVideo(document.querySelector(‘#participants-video’), participant.userId, canvasWidth, cellHeight, 0, coordinates.videoY, 2);

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Mac, HP, Acer
  • OS: Mac, Windows 10
  • Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Safari

Hey @rajkumarmayavaram

Thanks for your feedback.

Typically, Rendering multiple videos on the same canvas requires SharedArrayBuffer, but you can enable it by specifying enforceMultipleVideos as true in the client.init method.


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