Virtual background for meetings with custCreate users


We are implementing Zoom SDK on our mobile apps and creating users & meetings from within our mobile apps. We came across virtual background feature which is available through the desktop client. There are options on user settings and group settings APIs to enable virtual background (as boolean) but there is no option to specify the background image.

If the users were able to login through desktop client, they could specify the image from the desktop client. But in our case the users are creted with custCreate parameter and users created with this approach can not login to the desktop clients.

In this case, please advise how can we specify the background image for the meetings involving users created with custCreate parameter.


Hi myyogateacher, thanks for using Zoom SDK. Actually the virtual background feature on mobile SDK is currently not available. Please follow our Github repo and get updates once we have this feature available on our SDK.



Ok, what if we use the APIs instead of mobile SDK?


Unfortunately, I think setting the virtual background image feature currently is only available on Desktop client. The API you’ve mentioned is only for settings that enable/disable specific features for users or groups.


Can you please tell us the expected timeline for this feature to be available in SDK/APIs?


I really want to tell you that info. Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeline for this feature yet. Please follow our Github repo for any updates. I will also let you know here if I know the timeline for this features. Thanks! :slight_smile:



Is there any way that we can connect with the engineering team or contribute on the development somehow to expedite the availability of this feature?


Hi, checking again on this… please advise.


we will check it, would feedback to u if any update.