Waiting for host

We are using zoom for training classes, trainers are facing issue while starting meeting. They are getting “waiting for host”.
We have created jwt app and oauth app from zoom market place and creating meeting using client id and client secret created corresponding to trainer. Still trainers are facing issue while creating any meeting. Why we are facing issue if we are creating meeting from the trainers account?
They need to login on waiting for host screen then trainer is joining as host

Waiting for host

Which App?
Zoom Desktop app

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Create meeting from API, open join url in browser, which will ask to open meeting in app, click on open in app, you will get waiting for host screen.

Hi @taushifali are you creating meetings for the users who will be hosting the meeting? If joining before a host is not enabled for the meeting, participants will not be able to join.

Are you providing the Start URL to the trainer? This would be required if the host is not logged in.

Yes @michael.harrington,
We have figured out this thing and trainer is logging/sign in, waiting for host screen, if is not logged in.
Thanks for your response.

@taushifali Great! Let us know if you need any help.