Want to create angular app, where i should be able to create meeting as a host and send request to user to join that meeting

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How to integrate zoom.us for my angular 7/8 application where i can create meeting and send join request

Hey @pandithrohith, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

To create a meeting you need to use our create meeting API which must be called from the backend.

To send join requests, you can add registrants via our registrants API and an email will be sent to them.

If you would like to run the meeting inside your Angular app you can do so with our Web SDK. You can see my post here about how to use the Web SDK with Angular:


Hi @tommy thank you so much for the valuable information.

But is it possible to create meeting by hitting create meeting API at front end its self?

and for other APIs too without using it in back end.

If so then is it recommended?

Thank you.

Hey @pandithrohith,

If you attempt to call our API’s from the frontend you will get Cors errors. Here is a helpful article to call API’s without running into Cors errors:

I suggest your frontend call a Node.js server, which then calls the Zoom API as stated in the “Fix three: build your own proxy” section of the link I shared above :slight_smile:


I have created one component in your angular project and copied your code from app component to new component but now zoom meeting is not initialising. I could only see zoommtg-root markup in index.

how to initialise it in new component rather than in app component

Hey @pandithrohith,

Can you please share your new component file / code?

If using the CDN version, make sure you declare the Web SDK on the component:

declare var ZoomMtg;

ZoomMtg.setZoomJSLib("https://source.zoom.us/1.6.1/lib", "/av")


thanks @tommy .its working now as i am initialising function under my constructor

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Great! Happy to hear it works @pandithrohith! :slight_smile:


Hey @pandithrohith,
i’m trying to do the same, creating a meeting API at the front end, could you please share your code

Hey @ruth.ndunge,

Please see my post here: