Web hook: correlating joined-before-host waiting users and waiting room users (after the host joins)

In our Zoom integration we have a dashboard that displays the number of users in a waiting room and the number of admitted users. When there are joined-before-host (JBH) users waiting and a host joins the meeting, there is a significant delay between when the JBH user is added to the waiting room, which lends itself to double counting waiting room users. We’re using the participant_joined_waiting_room event to count when a user enters a waiting room after a host has joined (meeting started); however, if there are JBH users waiting before the host joins, they’ll also be (double) counted when they’re transitioned to the waiting room, which fires the same participant_joined_waiting_room event. Currently, to get around double counting the wait room count is zeroed when the meeting is started (host) joins, but given the significant delay between when the JBH users are added to the waiting room, the count is inaccurate for a number of seconds. This method of zeroing the count also lends itself to a race condition if the web hook call resulting from the participant_joined_waiting_room event is received before the meeting started web hook call.

Is there a better method to track JBH waiting users to the meeting room wait area that removes the latency and potential race condition?

It appears that under the hood the JBH waiters are tracked separate from the meeting room waiters (after the host joins). Ideally, there would be a method to correlate the users from one list to another. (Maybe there is and I’m missing that!?)

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