Web Isolation / SharedArrayBuffer on Web Video SDK

As an open question, does the issue with the Web Client SDK and SharedArrayBuffer have any impact on the Web Video SDK if we are running versions 1.0.3 or 1.1.0? My assumption is that it does not, but wanted to explicitly confirm.

Hey @brianWD

Thanks for your feedback.

Web Video SDK also needs to follow the Web Isolation. The following is the guide:


@vic.yang do we need to add headers to nginx for the web video sdk, or is it adequate to have registered our domain in origintrials? How do I know if we’ve done this adequately for Zoom?

@victor.aprea You can choose one, and I suggest you can apply the origin trials first, because the Chrome team may change the policy.

@vic.yang OK, I did that. How can I verify if it had the desired effect?

Hey @victor.aprea

Try typeof SharedArrayBuffer ==='function' on your console. If the value is true, it’s correct.


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