Updated Web Isolation / SharedArrayBuffer Workflow Fix for Web Meeting SDK

Origin Trial Setup Instructions:

  1. Navigate to Origin Trials

  2. Select SharedArrayBuffers in non-isolated pages on Desktop platforms

  3. Enter the origin of the project — (for local testing one can enter http://localhost:[PortNumber])

  4. Fill out the rest of the form — estimated page views, checkboxes, etc)

  5. Retrieve the Token:

  6. In the meeting.html or index.html file (depending on your SDK configuration), for the origin trial meta tag, place your origin trial token in that field. See image below for reference. Note: Even in the most updated Meeting & Video SDKs, put this to fix participant/host video not showing.

For more in-depth details, please visit our help documentation :

Shout out to @donte.S and members of our documentation team for their leadership in problem-solving here!


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