Web Meeting SDK version 2.4.5

Hello Zoom Developers, here are the updates for the Web Meeting SDK version 2.4.5 release :slight_smile:



  • Support for pronouns
  • Labels to video tiles showing participants’ audio connection status


  • Conflicts between 720p and virtual backgrounds running at the same time

Client View



  • Preview page sometimes not remembering the user’s audio or video preference
  • “NEW: Mask your Background” notice showing when it should not
  • Recording notification not showing properly for panelists in webinars
  • Post-poll result strings unintentionally showing {0} to attendees
  • Issues with the Report feature’s UI and reports failing when the reporter’s email does not match the join email
  • Avatar not showing correctly in the Q&A menu
  • “Back” button not working in the “Unencrypted Connections” panel

Component View


  • Webinar-specific chat control options
  • Notifications of recordings in progress when toggled or restarted in webinars

You can also see the update listed on our Changelog: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/changelog


@tommy please go through this and provide possible resolutions.

Hey @rohitbhargava ,

Just replied. If you are looking for expedited support, please consider one of our priority support plans: Premier Developer Support | Zoom