Web SDK and API - Resolution limitation to 360p increase to 720p - follow up

Refer to Web SDK and API .

Refer to the next release, the resolution increase from 360p to 720p is not included, please check

Version 1.8.6, Jan 10th

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed Attendee cannot join in to BreakOut Room when “Enable Waiting Room” is enabled
  2. Fixed Attendee Leaves meeting show ‘trying to reconect’
  3. Fixed Joined audio user can’t show wating room when be put on hold
  4. Fixed Android Chrome Audio don’t work
  5. Fixed Audio stops working when High-Fidelity/Stereo Mode is Enabled
  6. Fixed Start Video Black Screen in Mac When Only One attendee
  7. Fixed “The host mute/unmuted you” when call me success
  8. Fixed definition of ZooMtg.i18n wrong
  9. Fixed co-host call rename API no privilege


  1. polling switcher split meeting and webinar
  2. remove default load language resource cause 404
  3. Add setSupportLanguage api

Hey @raymond.sc.luk ,

We will post the version number and timing of 720p video release here in the coming weeks:



I am looking forward to the 720p webcam resolution for the Zoom web version along with other developers and users.

I also wish that the frame rate of the video that the member broadcasts from the web version was up to 24 fps.

@tommy, I would like to know if that frame rate would be possible for 720p?

Thanks for working hard to make Zoom better.


Thanks for your interest in 720p and your compliment! :slight_smile:

We will be releasing more info on 720p soon, stay updated here:


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Hey Tommy,

Thanks for this update, but I don’t see anything in those upcoming changes about the timetable for 720p. Do you have any idea what the timeline is for that (even roughly, days vs weeks vs months)?


Hey @alex.vanston ,

The improved video resolution was not in 1.9.0. It will be in an upcoming release. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned!



Does this mean the high CPU usage has not been improved in the 1.9.0 release either?

Hey @daniel2 ,

We do make improvements to the CPU usage with each update. Please let us know if you see it getting better. :slight_smile:


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I thought this was supposed to come by end of January??

Hey @kelly.battistuzzi ,

We are working as hard as we can to get 720p released as soon as possible. Please keep up to date here:


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