Web SDK control the "Raised Hand" reaction

How can the “Raised Hand” be manipulated by the SDK. Ther is the “ZoomMtg.mute”-function. It would be great and easy to use, if there would be a “ZoomMtg.raise/lowerHand” Function.
In the Desktop App and Web App the “RaisedHand”-Reaction can be controled in the Participants panel.

Which version?
[“1.9.0”, “1.9.0_20210201_ES5_release - {date}”, 6331]

Additional context
ZoomMtg.getAttendeeslist get’s me all Participants (ID, MUTE, RAISE_HAND …) but there is no way to execute the functionality like in the participants panel “Lower Hand”.

Please show me the way, if i’m overseeing something.

Hey @roman_89 ,

Good question! The Web SDK currently does not have a function to programmatically raise / lower hand.

Please write up a feature request here: #feature-requests , and we will be happy to put this in our backlog. :slight_smile:


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