Participant without zak and role 0, able to start meeting from web instead of join

Trying to join meeting through meeting-sdk web. Signature generated with role=0 and ZAK not set at all. If meeting is already started, then it is joining the meeting, but if not started it is starting the meeting as host.

Allow participants to join anytime is set to false (unchecked) in meeting options.

No error, it should not start meeting, instead display ‘Wait for meeting to start’.

I am trying with basic account not the pro.

are you shure with “role=0” in your signature token - you can decode and check it here


Yes, verified the signature, role is set to 0.

next test: what happens if you use the non SDK web version of zoom with this meeting

Copy the Invite Link
→ Sign out of your Zoom Account or better use another browser, where you not sign in (== role=0)
→ Copy Invite Link in the url bar, return
→ Cancel → “Join from Your Browser”

do you see the following screens

if the meeting is started anyway with this not host user, is in the navi bar the button “Security”

From web as well as from official zoom client it is blocking with message Waiting for host to start the meeting.

Same is expected when joining from meeting-sdk.

next test the example on github

the CDN version is ready to use with a few simple steps

CDN/js/index.js:20 var SDK_KEY = "YOUR_SDK_KEY";
CDN/js/index.js:26 var SDK_SECRET = "YOUR_SDK_SECRET";
CDN/js/index.js:112 ... "/meeting.html?" // replace '/' with './'

CDN/js/meeting.js:31 leaveUrl: "/index.html", // replace '/' with './'

Update: please set “Recurring meeting” to off → that’s not needed for multiple use of a meeting and only creates problems during the test

CDN sample is giving following


I am using almost same code in my implementation and signature generated with role=0, but it is not showing that waiting message. What could be wrong ?

success: function () {
          console.log("meeting initialized");
              meetingNumber: mnn,
              userName: un,
              signature: sig,
              sdkKey: skk,
              passWord: uww,
              success: function (res) { ... }

Issue resolved. Culprit was my code.

Before passing data to beginJoin(…), signature was overwritten with role=1

However ZAK was not passed, so it should raise some error and should not start meeting without ZAK.

Thanks @j.schoenemeyer for pointing me towards right direction to debug and find the bug.

if you connect with “role=1” and start a meeting on your account, the meeting will be always started (no ZAK token needed)

for meeting from other zoom account you need a ZAK token, if you want to be the host