Web sdk npm package increased main js file big!

In vuejs, websdk package increases vendor.js file size. We have 2 components that use zoom live class feature. That’s why we removed the npm package. It would be better if zoom provide cdn for that feature like Jitsi or ckeditor fir vuejs.
After removing sdk package, we are now using api. But we are little bit confused if zoom provides a facility to join a student (logged in our system) without zoom app or desktop app.
I mean without any password or app. Just click on a button “join now” and then he will be redirected to a zoom page. Then the student can see the other participants.
Is the facility available?
Big Blue Button use a signature key for that.

Hey @fawel99,

This is possible with the Web SDK. Have you tried using the CDN version?


Yes, that also change my internal design big. I use admin lte theme. When i added cnd links, my web design changed in large scale. So, decided to go out of that way.

Thanks for the update @fawel99.

Is there anything else I can help you with?


Actually although zoom is the best platform, it lacks few features. It should have feature like secret room so that anyone unknown can’t join even after using shared link.
We are searching that feature.

Hey @fawel99,

You can use the Waiting Room feature, which is supported by the Web SDK. :slight_smile:

If you want to make a request for a feature that we don’t have, you can do it here:

Product: zoom.us/feed
Developer: #feature-requests


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